Home Addition Contractors

When hiring home remodeling contractors, it is important to both do your homework regarding researching the contractor and to remember that you if you hire them to do your work, they work for you.  Sometimes it feels you work for the contractor, but this is not the case.  You are paying this person or team of people good money and they are working for you.  It is vital that you remember they work for you as if you do not, it will be difficult or near impossible for you to direct them, order them or guide them in doing exactly what you want.  If you fall into a situation where you are basically working for the contractor you hired, then you have a much higher chance of having problems, going over budget and basically not being happy with the process and the final results.

Trust your gut.  Trust your own feelings when you meet and interview contractors.  If they feel like a team player that’s good.  If they feel like they are going to be bossing you around that’s bad.  If they ask for a large amount of money upfront to do the project and your gut says this is a warning sign…guess what it is a warning sign.  Your home addition project is a major emotional and financial event for you, if your feelings warn you away from a contractor, then find another one.  There is no shortage of contractors.  Do your research.  Calling their references is fine, but remember they are not going to give you bad references to call.  Research, Research.  You will never regret spending more time researching the contractor and his or her company.

In the end this is your project and your money.  Remember that.

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